The Ultimate Bundle

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The ultimate bundle for the ultimate skin junkie!

This bundle includes our CLEAN ME sanitising spray, our HYDRATE ME serum, the ROLL WITH ME derma roller, a three pack of ERASE ME dermaplaning blades and a three pack of the REMOVE ME makeup remover towels. 

Bundle Details


The derma roller is packaged in a reusable protective plastic storage case to keep it clean and sanitised. Upon opening there is also a hygienic seal.

  • Needle depth: 0.3mm
  • Needle number: 9 x disks x 60 needles = 540 Needles
  • Body: made from medical grade silicon
  • Needle material: TitaniumNeedle depth: 0.3mm
  • Color: Nudie Blush

How to use:

Roll the derma roller back and forth 4 to 5 times in each direction horizontally, vertically and diagonally on the areas you wish to treat while maintaining the same speed and pressure to create more micro vessels in the skin.

After treatment apply your HYDRATE ME serum.



Sodium Hyaluronate, Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), Glyceryn, Preserved Water

How to use:

Cleanse your face and pat dry. Apply 5 drops of the Hyalornic Acid (HA) to your face and massage in with your fingers. This works great after derma rolling your face as it allows the product to really penetrate the skin.



Alcohol Denatured, water, aloe vera leaf juice, Glycerin, Dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, fragrance

How to use:

Spray your ROLL WITH ME derma roller after each use with the CLEAN ME sanitiser spray. Keep your tools clean to ensure there is no risk of infection.


The best way to wipe away the day and save the planet - you go girl!

How to use:

Always machine wash your towels before using for the first time. This will get rid of any loose fibers. To remove your make up, simply run your REMOVE ME towel under warm water, squeeze out excess water and wipe away your day. No cleanser needed! Rinse and let dry for your next use.

REMOVE ME towels are machine washable up to 1000 times so not only are they good for the face – they are great for the planet!

Made from 100% polyester


3 x make up remover towels


Say GOODBYE to the peach fuzz and HELLO to smooth, fresh, glowy skin!

Dermaplaning is the best way to rid your face of dead skin and facial hair while also allowing for your skin care products to get deeper and boost your skin into looking and feeling fresh.

How to use:

Cleanse the face fully and pat dry. Ensure your blade is sterilised properly – our CLEAN ME spray is perfect for this!

Hold the skin tight with one hand and using a 45-degree angle with the blade make small upward strokes shaving away all the dead skin cells and hair. Keep a tissue with you to wipe away any fuzz or dirt as you go. Once you finish, clean your blade again, rinse your face with warm water and apply any serums or creams as you normally would. Try to avoid touch your face too much in the first 24 hours.


3 x dermaplanning facial blades



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