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Dermaplaning Blades

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Say GOODBYE to the peach fuzz and HELLO to smooth, silky skin!

Dermaplaning is the best way to rid your face of dead skin and facial hair while also allowing your skin care products to sink deeper into your skin, boosting their performance. 

How to use

Cleanse the face fully and pat dry. Ensure your blade is sterilised properly – our Bye Bitch Sanitising Spray is perfect for this!

Hold the skin tight with one hand and using a 45-degree angle with the blade make small upward strokes shaving away all the dead skin cells and hair. Keep a tissue with you to wipe away any fuzz or dirt as you go.

Once you finish, clean your blade again, rinse your face with warm water and apply any serums or creams as you normally would. Try to avoid touch your face too much in the first 24 hours.

Product Info

3 x dermaplaning facial blades

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