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Thirst Trap - Hydrating Serum

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Get hydrated, plump and dewy skin with our high strength Hyaluronic Acid 5% + Vitamin B5 serum. To be used following the use of our Dermaplaning Blades and Derma Roller.

Hyaluronic Acid's main function is to retain water in the skin. B5 has anti-inflamatory properties and assists the skins healing process. 

How to use

Cleanse your face and pat dry. Apply 5 drops of the Thirst Trap to your face and massage in with your fingers. This works great after derma rolling and dermaplanning your face, as it allows the product to penetrate the skin a lot deeper. 


Sodium Hyaluronate, Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5), Glyceryn, Preserved Water

Product Info

30ml, 1 FL OZ

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